Talking to your Child about Corona Virus

  1. Are you getting lots of questions about the Coronavirus from the kids?Take a look at this informative Animation, Story Book and Activity to ensure that everybody at home is informed and educated during these very challenging times.

    Coronavirus Animation for Children –

    Link to Coronavirus Story Book: 

    Link to Coronavirus Activity:


  2. Advice for parents: talking to children about coronavirusAs a parent, there are always conversations you’d prefer not to have with your children – and when something as out-of-the-blue and unknown as the coronavirus strikes, it’s hard to know where to begin.In this Parent Info article, we give parents and carers advice on how to open a conversation with their child about coronavirus, help them spot misinformation and put their mind at ease.


  3. Newsround is also the most appropriate news source for you to watch with your child, including age appropriate information –
  4. A child friendly story about Coronavirus.
  5. Coronavirus: COVID-19 – ‘Why is God doing this?’This is the classic question in the problem of evil. If God is all-powerful then he can stop evil happening. Evil happens, therefore God is either not all-powerful or he is a cruel God.A response for all of us, especially, our children:

    We do not know why God is allowing the coronavirus to infect people and kill people all over the worldGod is a great big mystery, we don’t know what God is thinking, but we do know that God loves us all and that he is working to bring about his kingdom: when every tear will be wiped away and good will win through. This is the message God brings through his Son, Jesus. Perhaps God wants us to reflect on how we live and act in the world. Perhaps things like this happen to stop us from thinking that we can control everything or stop us from thinking that we can simply do what we want without any consequences, and to help us think of better ways to live together.’

    The coronavirus originates in the animal and bird markets that people in Asia have created. Here they sell the animals and birds, but they have captured these animals and taken them from their natural habitat and placed them in these markets to sell them for food, as exotic pets or for use as medicines. Bringing them together in poor conditions creates disease and it is this disease, this virus that has been passed on to human beings. So those that capture the animals and birds, those that transport them and sell them and those that buy them may be creating something good for themselves (profit, joy, health), but their actions also have created an evil side effect: the coronavirus. This freedom of action, that God allows, has the potential to create good and evil. In this case the evil outweighs the good. However, in response to this evil human beings can together do good, not only use their skills and knowledge to stop the virus, but rethink the way we live. In this way, God allows us to bring good out of evil.