School Council


School Council Members:

Reception: Sienna

Year 1: Mikey  & Sara

Year 2: Grayson  & Olivia

Year 3: Ioana  & Maria

Year 4: Ronnie  & Gabriela

Year 5: Leo  & Jake

Year 6: Gabriella  & Madeline


At the beginning of the term, we held our School Council elections. All children were invited to apply to be a school councillor. After a democratic vote in each class, two candidates were selected from each class, and one from reception.

This year, our wonderful school councillors will be supported by Miss Hindle and Miss Vickers. We plan to meet every three weeks to discuss matters in our school.

In each meeting, the children will help to make decisions about how St Joseph’s is run as well as take on projects that support the children’s learning and development. Such as, organising events and representing our school.

As per the schools vision, we believe that the Student Council is a great way to teach children responsibility and ensure that everyone feels well represented and involved.

Action Plans (as per the results of Pupil Voice surveys/ upcoming events):

Welcome Back- how are the children settling in to their new classes? / Providing an opportunity to raise awareness for any additional discussion points.

School safety procedures

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Anti-Bullying Week

Online Safety

Children in Need

Scholastics Book Fair

Christmas Disco