Mission Statement

(Ephesians 3:17)

Bishop Marcus Stock, the tenth Bishop of Leeds, wrote these words in his publication
“Christ at the Centre” (2005, revised 2012):
“In the midst of legitimate diversity, all Catholic schools share something in common: they are rooted in Christ, who is to be the centre of their life…Unless a school has Christ at the very heart of all that it is and does, it cannot be a Catholic school”. 

As stated in our January 2015 Section 48 Religious Education Inspection report,
“Christ truly is ‘at the heart’ of all the school seeks to achieve”


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School has the presence and power of Jesus Christ at its centre. It is a community which is governed by Gospel Values and where Christ’s command for us to love God, and to love one another, is central to all we do.

Through the clear, visual Catholic identity of St Joseph’s, our vision for Catholic education is fulfilled through the educational experiences and personal curriculum we provide for our children.

Prayer and Worship are at the heart of day to day life within our school and it is our desire for each child’s journey of faith to celebrate their unique gifts and talents, made in the image and likeness of God.

St Joseph’s has strong and positive relationships with the wider community, including our partner schools within the Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust (BKCAT). Links between home, school and our parish community, are also significant and central to our mission to serve the Church and create the family feeling of ‘belonging’.