Academy Council

The Governance of St. Joseph’s School is led via an Academy Council. The Academy Council occupies and conducts the school on behalf of their Trustees, from The Bishop Konstant Catholic Academy Trust (BKCAT) and under the supervision of the Diocesan Bishop, as the occupier of the premises, proprietor of the undertaking, and employer of the staff. It occupies the school subject to the parameters laid down by their Trustees, and ultimately any decisions relating to the land and buildings rest with the Trustees, except in so far as these have been delegated to the Academy Council by the Trustees.

A copy of our Scheme of Delegation can be found here.

Members of the Academy Council welcome your observations upon the school.

Please write to the Chair of the Academy Council c/o the school or via the School Office on 01977 651755.

All complaints should be addressed to the Headteacher, in the first instance, in line with school policy – see Policies, under Key Information.


  • Phil Kitson (Chair)
  • Steve Dent (Vice Chair)
  • Ann Butler (Foundation)
  • Vacancy (Foundation)
  • Vacancy (Foundation)
  • Faye Stephenson (Staff)
  • Artur Lipinski (Parent)
  • Luke Welsh (Headteacher)
  • Robert Harvey (Deputy Headteacher – Observer)
  • Fr Anthony Fenton (Associate Member of the Mission Committee)

Academy Council Register of Interest Summary 2020-21

Agreed Committee & Full Academy Council
Meeting Dates for 2020-21

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Full Academy Council Meetings 05/10/20  07/12/20  25/01/21  15/03/21  10/05/21  19/07/21
Mission Committee
To be incorporated into the Full Academy Council TBC TBC