Music at St Joseph’s

The subject leader is: Mrs Kelly Picton

At St Joseph’s, Moorthorpe we are passionate about music. It is how we unite to celebrate our faith and we ensure that music lessons give pupils the opportunity to unleash their natural talent, to become real musicians.

We are energised by the feeling that music brings, especially when we share our musical passion with the wider school community. We do this through: liturgical performances, hymns, faith songs, Young Voices (The largest School Choir in the World), school productions, along with the opportunity to bring joy to parishioners as we perform in our local community.

We want all children to participate and develop a love for singing, playing tuned and un-tuned percussion, compose, explore and listen to live and recorded music. We will ensure that all children are taught the personal skills needed to be able to collaborate as one and when they are ready, be taught to read musical notation to become part of whole class bands.

Music is engaging, memorable and in our soul. It is interwoven into the fabric of other areas of the curriculum as we harness the power of song to support our learning through our writing. We believe that all children should be given the chance to access tuition from professional musicians, encouraged to flourish and have the opportunity to play a variety of musical instruments with the confidence to perform for others. We hope that when children leave St Joseph’s they will have a lifelong love for music, wonderful memories of their performances and continue to build on the foundations and opportunities experienced with us.