Science at St Joseph’s 

The Science Subject Leader is Mr. Harvey.

Science Curriculum Overview

Science Long Term Plan

Why do we study science?

Science is everything around us. Children are naturally curious. Science at St Joseph’s nurtures this curiosity and allows our children to ask questions and develop the skills they need to answer those questions. 

Our science curriculum teaches pupils to:

  • investigate problems;
  • understand how science works; and
  • discover why science matters in the world.

St Joseph’s Scientists

Our science curriculum is designed to help the children to have:

  • The ability to think independently and ask scientific questions;
  • Confidence and skill, being able to plan and carry out scientific investigations;
  • Excellent scientific knowledge and understanding which they show in written and verbal explanations, by solving challenging problems and reporting scientific findings;
  • High levels of originality, imagination and innovation;
  • The ability to undertake a variety of practical work;
  • A responsible attitude towards recycling and conservation; and
  • A passion for science that they take on to high school and beyond.

What are we studying?

Working scientifically: This includes using scientific language, carrying out investigations, recording results and analysing (thinking about) those results.

Physics: When we study physics, our children become physicists. Physicists study matter (matter is what makes up all physical objects) and the forces that act on it. Physicists also study many different forms of energy. The objects that physicists study range in size from the tiny building blocks of matter (atoms) to huge groups of stars.

Chemistry: When we study chemistry, our children become chemists. Chemists study the substances that make up matter – everything that takes up space in the universe – and the properties that these substances give. They also study the changes that take place when substances are combined. These changes are called chemical reactions.

Biology: When we study biology, our children become biologists. Biology is the study of living things. Biologists try to understand the natural world and the things that live in it like plants and animals.


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