Phonics Support

Year 1 children will take the Statutory Phonics Screening Check during week commencing – tbc.

The check is very similar to tasks the children already complete during daily phonics lessons. The focus of the check is to provide evidence of children’s decoding and blending skills. The children will be asked to ‘sound out’ a word and blend the sounds together. e.g. d-o-g = dog. The check will consist of 20 ‘real’ words and 20 ‘non-words,’ (40 words in total). The children will be scored against a National Standard; parents will receive their child’s results with their end of year reports.

Phonics Screening Check 2015 Assessment Material

Phonics Screening Check 2014 Assessment Material

Phonics phase 2 sound mat

Phonics phase 3 sound mat

Phonics phase 5 sound mat

Phase 3 Sound Mat

How can I help my child at home?

Please continue to read with your child, each night, and encourage them to:

  • Sound out words
  • Re-read to check their spoken words make sense
  • Use pictures for clues
  • Ask questions about the book

Phonics Meeting Powerpoint for Parents’ – April 2018

Useful Games and Resources – worksheets for a variety of sounding and blending – a good selection of resources including worksheets and some interactive games. – under word level section of literacy, a good selection of worksheets and PowerPoint files. Covers phonics and alphabet work. (American site) – simple worksheets mostly CVC and initial sounds. – mix of good interactive games and worksheets covering most phonic phases. – a very good selection of interactive games focusing on phonics and sentence construction. Each is split into medium / hard / very hard and are short and fun. – a great selection of games that link well with games in Letters and Sounds. – a selection of interactive games for all phonic phases. – interactive games for a range of sounds.